I was sitting in history class when I met him, it wasn’t until a few weeks into the class I. Noticed him as the weeks went on he would pick on me. Then when we got new seats I was put next to him. We would talk and I remember the hour just flew by I was falling for him. It went on for weeks. Then I while we were talking on facebook I found my childhood dog had past away. I was heartbroken. I just wanted to crawl into bed and never come out. He gave me his number and told me to text him and that everything is going to be ok. That’s how I got him h number.
My ex best friend kelley wasn’t happy I found someone I truly cared for. I was so blind by how perfect I thought everything was I didn’t no or even thought she could hurt me, long story short I found out she had been taking my phone and pretending to me and made me out to be a dramatic bi*ch. I was so hurt my world came falling down.
He ended up blocking from from everything. I cried for days after I pulled my self up I found out a few more of my friends, my closeest friends were in on to. A older friend who I was no longer close to pulled to the the 4th of July fair. Her really not cute brother tagged along and three days I found myself dating him. A week later I found out he was ‘his ‘ best friend. It was a low point used him to geg to ‘him ‘. It just made both of them mad. A month later he yelled at me and demanded him I tell him if I still loved ‘him ‘. I was rasied not to tell a lie. I said yes.


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